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If you are arrested for any criminal offense, the penalties you face could easily change your life in various ways, possibly for years to come. The stakes are even higher when you are charged at the federal level. Each state enforces unique criminal justice codes and assigns different penalties for different offenses. For example, a misdemeanor drug possession charge carries a different penalty in California than it would in Virginia, even for the same type and quantity of drug. However, when a defendant has broken a federal law, their case unfolds in the federal criminal justice system.

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense Counsel for Federal Cases in Miami, FL

Anyone charged with federal crimes needs to know their constitutional rights in this situation and take full advantage of them. Federal law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) all conduct criminal investigations, and when they proceed with arrests, they are required to follow the same laws of due process as local police throughout the country and additional procedures dictated by federal law. However, federal criminal cases are more complex than criminal cases prosecuted at the state level, and the stakes are much higher for defendants facing federal prosecution.

Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., can provide the aggressive criminal defense you need when charged with federal crimes. Our team provides federal criminal defense to clients nationwide, and the decades of professional experience our firm holds in federal criminal trial preparation, plea bargaining, and interpreting federal case law can help you navigate your case with greater confidence. The sooner you exercise your constitutional right to legal representation and find a federal criminal defense attorney you can trust, the more time your legal team has to build an effective defense on your behalf.

Effective Federal Criminal Defense You Can Trust

When you are charged with any criminal offense in Miami, FL it is vital to not only exercise your right to legal counsel and find a defense attorney you can trust but also find an attorney with specific experience handling cases like yours. A federal criminal court is very different from a state-level criminal court, and while you have the same rights as your would in a state criminal court, there are strict procedural rules you must follow, and the penalties for a conviction for any federal offense are likely to be far more severe than any state-level counterparts.

An additional complication facing defendants in federal criminal cases is the fact that most federal law enforcement agencies do not move on suspects until they believe have secured more than enough evidence to ensure a conviction. This means that if federal law enforcement agents have arrested you, it’s highly likely that they believe they have sufficient evidence for a conviction. Therefore, if you have been arrested by the FBI, ATF, or any other federal law enforcement agency, your best defensive option is to find a defense attorney skilled at federal criminal trial preparation.

Attorney Rosen and his team have decades of professional experience with federal criminal defense. We know the severity of the penalties you could face if you are convicted on any federal charge. Our goal is to help you approach this difficult situation with as much confidence as possible. While no defense attorney can ever promise any client a specific result in their case, our firm can ensure the full breadth of our professional resources and experience will be available to you throughout all stages of your federal criminal case.

Types of Federal Cases We Represent in Miami, FL

It’s crucial to have defense representation you can trust from an attorney skilled at handling cases similar to yours. When it comes to federal criminal charges, Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., has years of experience representing clients facing:

  • Drug charges. Every state in the country prosecutes thousands of drug-related criminal cases each year, but any drug-related criminal activity that crosses state lines or violates federal law can potentially lead to criminal charges filed in federal court. As a result, drug trafficking is one of the most commonly prosecuted federal drug charges in the United States, and the penalties for conviction can include many years in federal prison, substantial fines, and additional penalties assigned at the discretion of the judge handling sentencing.
  • Conspiracies and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. The RICO Act addresses criminal conspiracies and organized crime, enabling federal prosecutors to charge all members of a criminal operation with the same felonies and enhancing penalties for those convicted of participation in criminal enterprises. As a result, the penalties you face if convicted under the RICO Act are likely to be far worse than those you would face as a standalone defendant. Attorney Rosen has extensive experience defending clients involved in RICO cases and can leverage this experience on your behalf in your case.
  • Human trafficking and sex crimes. Some sex-related criminal offenses, such as child pornography-related charges, sex trafficking, and human trafficking of any kind, can lead to some of the harshest penalties possible for those convicted. As a result, the FBI and other federal agencies often conduct “sting” operations and other long-term undercover work with the intention of identifying as many participants as possible before conducting arrests and moving forward with prosecutions.
  • Fraud and white-collar crime. Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., excels at white-collar criminal defense. The term “white-collar crime” generally applies to crimes that are financial in nature. Attorney Rosen and his team have successfully defended many clients prosecuted in federal court for fraud, securities violations, and other forms of high-level white-collar crime.

Many federal criminal cases are multifaceted, and multiple charges almost always translate to much harsher penalties for conviction. As a result, every criminal case is unique, and Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., takes time to develop carefully individualized legal strategies for every client our firm represents.

Building Your Defense Against Federal Charges

One of the most important benefits that come with having defense counsel you can trust is an enhanced ability to make more informed decisions with greater confidence about the various aspects of your case. The criminal justice system of the United States hinges on the presumption of innocence, meaning the court must assume the defendant is innocent until proven guilty by a unanimous verdict from a jury of their peers. The prosecution has the burden of proving the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and the defendant has the right to cross examine the government’s witnesses, offer contradictory evidence and testimony, and challenge the evidence and testimony presented by the prosecution.

A key difference between state-level and federal-level criminal cases is that federal prosecutors typically do not move on cases until they are certain they believe they can secure convictions. This means that if you or a loved one has been arrested for any federal crime, it is very possible that plea bargaining will be the best option in your case. Therefore, you need a federal criminal defense attorney who can help you make the most of your situation with comprehensive trial preparation and the ability to form strong arguments in support of plea negotiations.

Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., helps each client determine their best options at the earliest stages of their case. While your situation is serious, things may not be as straightforward as they seem initially. Your federal criminal defense attorney can potentially help you have charges dropped from your case, prove faults with the prosecution’s presented evidence and testimony, and highlight any variables in play that might encourage leniency from the judge in your case.

Aggravating and Mitigating Factors in a Federal Criminal Case:

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

All criminal cases in federal court have to confront the federal sentencing guidelines manual. The manual sets forth a table that rates the defendants criminal history (how many times they’ve been arrested, or not) and the seriousness of the federal offense (speeding in a federal parking lot vs murder of a federal agent.)

While federal law prescribes very specific penalties for certain offenses, judges handling criminal sentencing in federal court typically have broad discretionary power to assert specific penalties as they deem appropriate. The judge handling your federal case must carefully assess all admissible evidence, testimony, and the facts of the case when handling sentencing. If you are convicted by a jury of your peers, “aggravating” factors will encourage the judge toward a harsher sentence, while “mitigating” factors will encourage leniency in sentencing.

Commonly cited aggravating factors that can enhance a defendant’s penalty for conviction in federal criminal court include extensive criminal history, causing injury to victims, and engaging in especially immoral, unethical, and exploitative practices. For example, crimes against children or the elderly can lead to much harsher penalties for equivalent offenses against adults. A defendant with an extensive criminal record may automatically qualify for harsher sentencing.

Mitigating factors, on the other hand, work in the defendant’s favor. For example, if you were forced to participate in a criminal operation under threat of harm, proving duress would be a valuable mitigating factor in your case. A substance abuse disorder, mental health condition, disability, or other extreme and unique variable could also encourage the judge in your case toward leniency. Ultimately, whatever your case entails, you need a federal criminal defense attorney capable of highlighting any and all mitigating factors in your case to reduce your penalty.

What Is Plea Bargaining?

The great majority of criminal cases prosecuted at the federal level end in plea deals. When the prosecution has more than enough evidence to ensure a conviction, the court will conserve resources if a plea deal can be reached with the defendant. While plea deals are not extended to every defendant, and some defendants will have very little room to argue for leniency due to the severity of their offenses, it is always best to have an experienced federal criminal defense attorney assist you through the plea bargaining process. If you are willing to submit an immediate guilty plea, you may be able to secure a lighter sentence or even have charges dropped if you have been charged with multiple crimes. Any defendant facing overwhelming proof of guilt may be best served when they take full advantage of their right to legal counsel who can negotiate the best deal possible.

Why You Should Choose Miami Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A.

Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., has decades of experience in federal criminal defense, helping many past clients reach much better outcomes than they expected in the early phases of their cases. Our firm knows how daunting it can be to face the federal criminal court system, and we ensure responsive communication with every client we represent by maintaining a small caseload. As a result, we are fully prepared to respond to new clients’ requests for representation swiftly and help them formulate the most effective defenses possible when faced with federal criminal charges.

Our team excels at trial preparation, and if appropriate and necessary, plea bargaining. Federal criminal cases often end in negotiated plea deals. Attorney Michael J. Rosen will do everything possible to mitigate your penalty if you are found guilty.

Time is a critical concern for any defendant charged with federal crimes. Criminal cases tend to unfold rather quickly in the federal criminal court system. Attorney Michael J. Rosen has helped clients nationwide reach much better results than they initially expected in a wide range of criminal cases, and our team is prepared to represent you as well.

Contact Michael J. Rosen, P.A., today and schedule your case evaluation with a federal criminal defense attorney you can trust. Our team will carefully explain the legal services we can offer you in this difficult situation.

“Ultimately, trial preparation and defense is what we do.” – Michael J. Rosen.
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