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“Fraud” is a broad legal term that applies to crimes of deception that are usually financial in nature. While it’s possible for a person to face state-level criminal charges pertaining to fraud, federal law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) often conduct widespread investigations into fraudulent operations that exceed the scope of standard state-level criminal violations.

Federal Criminal Defense Representation for Fraud

When you have been arrested by the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency for fraud or any type of white-collar criminal offense, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with complex financial matters and the strict procedures that the federal criminal justice system upholds. The fraud and other white-collar crime cases prosecuted at the federal level often involve millions, if not billions, in value. In addition, many fraudulent, criminal operations involve multiple defendants and illegal actions stretching over long periods.

Whatever your case entails, if you are charged with any federal fraud charge, you need a federal fraud defense attorney you can trust to manage your defense. Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., has decades of professional experience handling very difficult white-collar crime cases in federal court. Our team has helped clients nationwide approach their cases with peace of mind, and we’re ready to leverage this experience on your behalf.


“Fraud” is a very broad term that applies to most crimes of deception motivated by financial gain. Some of the most common types of fraud prosecuted in federal court include:

Health care fraud, which is filing fraudulent claims for federal healthcare programs like Medicare or Medicaid. Defrauding any government program can easily lead to many years in federal prison, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and additional penalties based on the specifics of the case. In addition, penalties increase significantly when the defendant is an organization rather than an individual.

Social Security fraud, which involves any attempt to defraud the Social Security Administration in any way. This type of fraud could pertain to falsely alleging eligibility for disability benefits, illegally claiming any type of Social Security benefits using another person’s identity, or intentionally misrepresenting any information on formal submissions to the Social Security Administration.

Electronic or “wire” fraud, which can apply to any type of fraud conducted through digital means, over the internet, or using specific electronic devices. Federal law enforcement agencies have countless cutting-edge tools designed to identify this type of fraud, and defendants can face fines, incarceration, and liability for any civil damages they caused if they are convicted.
Mail fraud applies when sending illegal materials through the Postal Service or any other intentional criminal conduct that involves the federal mail system. This carries severe penalties upon conviction.

Fraud cases prosecuted in federal court often involve substantial sums of money, and when victims have been directly harmed by defendants’ fraudulent actions, they have the right to seek compensation for their civil damages. As a result, any defendant facing federal fraud charges could be sentenced to incarceration in state prison, asset seizure, heavy fines, and substantial civil liability for the damages they caused to others.

Federal Tax Violations

Any violation of federal tax law is a very serious offense in Miami, FL. It is possible for an individual or an organization to become the subject of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigation. It is also possible for tax-related federal crimes to fall within the purview of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other federal law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies. Your federal fraud defense attorney will be invaluable for formulating an effective defense, gathering the financial records you will need to produce, and preparing you for each stage of the complex proceedings your case is likely to entail.

What to Expect From Your Miami Federal Fraud Defense Attorney

Most federal law enforcement agencies conduct extensive long-term investigations of fraudulent business practices and other white-collar crimes, only moving to arrest the subjects of their investigations once they believe they have enough evidence to secure convictions. Therefore, if you are arrested by federal law enforcement for any type of fraud, the right federal defense attorney is necessary. However, the right federal fraud defense attorney can provide several invaluable legal services in this situation, potentially helping you reach much better results than you initially anticipated.

When you choose Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., to handle your criminal defense, you can expect responsive and communicative representation from the outset of your case. Our team has helped clients nationwide approach their federal criminal cases with reassurance. In addition, when it comes to fraud defense, we are experienced in handling criminal cases that involve deeply technical and complex financial matters.

You can expect compassionate and meticulous criminal defense counsel through all stages of your interactions with our team. The right federal fraud defense attorney on your side can have a tremendously positive influence on the direction of your proceedings and the final outcome you reach in your case. Contact Attorney Michael J. Rosen, P.A., today and schedule a consultation with our team if you’re ready to learn how a federal fraud defense attorney can help you in your situation.

“Ultimately, trial preparation and defense is what we do.” – Michael J. Rosen.
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