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Michael J. Rosen has long been considered one of the foremost criminal defense trial attorney.

With nearly 50 years’ experience, the Rosen law firm’s primary focus is on pre-indictment investigations, trial preparation and a successful defense at trial.

The Rosen law firm has extensive white collar trial experience in the areas of fraud (tax, health care, securities, banking, bankruptcy, mail and wire), internet financial crimes and child pornography, racketeering, money laundering, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Corporate compliance before, during and after a Department of Justice inquiry is a significant part of the Rosen law firm’s practice. The successful defense of these cases mandates significant time, focus and effort. The Rosen law firm purposely maintains a small caseload in order to provide each client with undivided attention in order to accomplish the highest quality of client representation.

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Criminal Defense Attorney

nearly 50 years experience

Michael J. Rosen

Michael J. Rosen

“The true mark of a good criminal defense lawyer is to
win the case before the trial ever occurs.

-Michael J. Rosen

The true mark of a good criminal defense lawyer is to win the case before the trial ever occurs.
Michael J. Rosen has practiced law for nearly 50 years, specializing in federal and international criminal trials, with an emphasis on white-collar investigations and trials.

He has devoted his career to challenging the government’s allegations in federal criminal cases across the county.

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